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Bolsover Church of England Junior School

With Faith, Hope and Love, we grow together.

Horsehead Lane, Bolsover, Derbyshire, S44 6XH.

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Governor Introductions

Governor Introductions


Meet our school governors!


If you would like to get in contact with any of our governors, please contact school at 01246 822324 or via email at


Alison Adair

My name is Alison Adair, and I have recently joined the governing body, currently acting in the role as Chair of Governors. I am delighted to be able to serve our school community and to support the school leadership team as effectively as I can as we journey together towards ‘good’. It is so thrilling and a genuine privilege to be part of a school where the team are so committed to improving opportunities for every pupil every day.


Originally from the Chesterfield area, my family and I moved to live in Bolsover in 2014. Sean, my husband, is the local Methodist Minister based at Hilltop Methodist Church. We have two grown up daughters, Lauren and Beth.


I bring my own expertise and skills in education to the role as Chair of Governors, as I currently work as an Executive Headteacher and National Leader of Education in the Diocese Sheffield Academies Trust. Within that role, I have managed schools who have found themselves in a similar situation to our own, in an Ofsted category or with outcomes well below national, leading them to rapid and sustained improvement. Hopefully some of these skills and experiences will prove useful as I serve the school community in my role as a governor.


I look forward to serving alongside you all!


Rachel Albanese - Parent Governor

My name is Rachel and I was elected as a Parent Governor in October 2019. I currently have a child in Year 3 and my eldest child also attended Bolsover C of E Junior School. I acknowledge that there have been some vast changes to the school leadership and governance over the last 3 years and in the short time that I have been a Parent Governor I’ve learnt a lot about the dedication and vision of our school team - who work hard to ensure the best outcomes for our children. I am keen to support the continuum of our school vision, aims and improvement; by representing parent/carer voices and championing the things that matter to you and your family the most. This includes promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities, to enable every child to achieve their best during their time with us.

I currently work for the NHS, so I am particularly interested in the wellbeing of staff and our children. I am the curriculum link for science, PSHE and modern foreign languages and also sit on the Resources Sub-committee. I am passionate about Bolsover and our community and will actively encourage involvement in local events. Having been part of the school P.T.A prior to my appointment as Parent Governor, I also help at fundraising events to support the school. I believe that every child deserves the best education and opportunities. I am enjoying my role as Parent Governor and I am happy to listen to your views and feedback on how best we can support you and your child.


Carolyn Currie - Staff Governor


David Fish - Local Authority Governor

My name is David Fish. I have been living in Bolsover now for 20 years.


In that time, I have undertaken many volunteering roles. The first, early on in my time in Bolsover was Town Crier. Shortly afterwards, I became a volunteer and guide at Bolsover Castle. I am now recognised by my peers as an authority on our local castle. I have been heavily involved in Rhubarb Farm at Langwith, a social enterprise which helps people into work and helps people with diverse needs. I do mock interviews in secondary schools for Years 10 to 12 . Because of my long involvement with the community and voluntary sector, I am now part of a steering group providing for future support of the sector in Bolsover.


Whilst not a churchgoer, I have the reputation of encouraging visitors to Bolsover to visit and support the Parish Church.


I have been a Local Authority governor at Bolsover Church of England Junior School since 2007. I am a member of the Civic Society and was for many years a member of the local Rotary club with whom I remain in touch. I have been a governor of another school and have had contacts with all local primary schools.


Blessed with a sense of humour, I take part in networking and usually know somebody who can do whatever is required. I also have boundless enthusiasm for all my volunteering. Finally, I speak and write fluent Spanish and have in the past supported the Junior School in this.


Rachel Gouldthorpe - Foundation Governor



Pamela Hall - Foundation Governor

My name is Pamela Hall. My roll is Foundation Governor, representing the Parish church. I have been a school governor for 32 years. My main focus is Every child matters. Giving support to staff and students to progress and flourish.
I was a part of the governing body that secured the building of the new school. I have seen many changes over the years and hope to continue to be involved with the school in the future.  


Christine Holmes-Elener

My name is Christine Holmes-Elener. I was invited by Derby Diocese in October 2018, to become a governor at Bolsover Church of England Junior School, and having a passion for the education of children and young people I was delighted to accept. I am a retired headteacher, having worked in primary, junior and infant schools throughout Derbyshire. I also have experience chairing a cluster of primary and secondary schools who worked together in order to ensure the best outcomes for their pupils. I feel privileged to have been invited to join the Governing Body Team who are dedicated to supporting the staff as we all work together, along side parents and families, to ensure the highest quality teaching and learning for every pupil at Bolsover Church of England Junior School.


I am one of the two Vice Chairs on the Governing Body as well as being a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee and Chair of the Church and Community Committee which includes preparations towards the Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools, (SIAMS). Being an ex teacher of Special Educational Needs I have been asked to take on the role as the link governor for Special Educational Needs, (SEND), and hope my skills and previous experiences as a Headteacher and a teacher of SEND will be beneficial in supporting the school in ensuring the highest all round achievements for every child.


As a Trustee and Director of Derby Diocesan Board of Education and member of their School’s Effectiveness Committee I am committed to supporting  Church of England Schools and those within the Derby Academy Trust in delivering effective provision for all pupils, parents and families.


Jean Saddington - Foundation Governor

I'm Jean Saddington.


I've been a Foundation Governor for around 17 years, i.e. a Governor appointed and approved by the Parish Church. As Governors we are here to ensure that the children are our priority and to do our best to make sure they are nurtured and encouraged to attain the best education possible. We undertake Learning Walks to monitor teaching and learning.


My three Grandsons all attended Bolsover Church of England Junior School. One eventually went to Manchester University and obtained a 2.1(Hons) Degree in Finance and another is at Nottingham University studying Music, which proves what is possible to achieve with a good basic education.


Over the years, I have helped children in school with reading and comprehension issues. I am on the Resources Committee (which deals with the School Budget amongst other things), and a Member of the School's Church Committee. I send a regular Report to the Parochial Church Council to keep them informed of activities in school. I also attend training courses during each school year.


Sarah Tew

I am proud to be a governor at Bolsover Church of England Junior School.  I learn a lot from Mrs Bailey and Mr Backhouse who work incredibly hard to make the school the best it can be. I am especially proud of the reading and library facilities, which the school have spent time and effort in developing.  Our governing body is committed to developing well rounded, independent and resilient learners at Bolsover.  


Away from Bolsover, I have two children who are 18 and 17.  I like to travel to new places in the school holidays. Also,  I love to read and play the piano.  


Simon Travell Parent Governor



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