Bolsover Church of England Junior School


Please listen to our school teacher for our school's definition of bullying:

At Bolsover C of E Junior school our pupils learn that bullying is when an incident happens Several Times On Purpose! (STOP!).


Our pupils also learn that bullying is not:

  • A one off fight or argument
  • A friend sometimes being nasty
  • An argument with a friend

If you require any further information or would like a copy of our 'Anti Bullying A Parents Guide' please call in and see Mrs Herbert or Mrs Urbanowski (the Anti Bullying Coordinator).


Please find our school's Anti-Bullying policy below:


Anti-Bullying Policy



The school's Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are:

Christopher Hall 3UW

Emily Slinn 3RH

Aiden Twidle 3AB

Jayden Lee 4EH

Tammy Harpin 4AJ

Lucy Mann 4LH

Amelie Jacques 5CC

Isabelle Church 5LS

David McDonald 5RD

Gracie Morris 6RU

Ruby Wells 6CV

Grace Deville 6AH

They will be going to weekly meetings, feeding information back to class and giving mini tasks to their classes and will become buddies on the playground to give children who need it both a friend and a voice.