Bolsover Church of England Junior School Ministers!

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Here at Bolsover C of E Junior School we have a school parliament made up of minister, just like at Westminster in London.

We meet up to discuss issues and we work with teachers to ensure that events in school run as smoothy as possible.


In school, we have:


Cheif Ministers - Niamh and Melissa.

Lunchtime Ministers - Harrison, Ben and Bethani.

Sports Ministers - Dan, Alistair and Madeline.

Small animal Ministers - Georgia, Olivia and Charlie,

Farming Ministers - Hollie, Kian, Holly and Bailey.

Teaching and Learning Ministers - Harrison and Bella.

Behaviour Ministers - Faith, Kiera, Annabel and Daniel.

Eco Ministers - Amelie and Harry.

Gardening Ministers - Miah, Katie, Cerys and Emelia.

Technology Ministers - Jamie and Alfie.

Church Council - Issy, Cerys, Michelle, Emelia and Lucas.