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Maths booklets

Please take a look at our latest maths booklets (below) that set out what the children will cover in each year group. There is also lots of information in respect of HOW  we approach maths and, in particular, the four number operations.


ParentsbookletY3 UPDATED 2016.docDownload
ParentsbookletY4 UPDATED 2016.docDownload
ParentsbookletY5 UPDATED 2016.docDownload
ParentsbookletY6 UPDATED 2016.docDownload
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The following websites contain some fabulous help and advice for KS2 (Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6)  maths!

BBC revision maths (latest curriculum content)

BBC revision maths (ARCHIVED, but still very useful content)

BBC Skillswise (English and Maths for adult learners)

Click on the link, below, for our videos that show the key number operations:


Maths video models