Bolsover Church of England Junior School


Computing Curriculum

Our computing curriculum is separated into 3 areas: Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology. These are covered across the year groups, looking at a variety of different activities including 'unplugged' and utilising educational apps.


Computer Science- theory


-To identify computer components

-To understand how a computer stores data

-To describe uses of technology

-To understand how simulations are used

-To understand how robots are used

-To describe the impact of technology

-To understand how the Internet works

-To understand how an Intranet works

-To understand how binary numbers work

-To find out about the history of computing


Computer Science- Programming


-To explain what computer programming is

-To explain how an algorithm works

-To control an object to move along a route

-To sequence commands to animate pictures

-To use conditional events in a program

-To use a variable in a program

-To use repetition in a program

-To program actions using numbers

-To use random numbers in a program

-To use variables in a program

-To program a complex game

-To detect and correct errors in a program

-To design and create a computer program


 Digital Literacy


-To use QR codes

-To know how to read URLs

-To understand how to search effectively

-To explore a virtual map

-To know how to communicate online

-To know how to stay safe when using the internet



Information Technology


-To type quickly and correctly

-To type and design a printable document

-To present text using fancy effects

-To create a word collage

-To create a photo collage

-To create a mind map using ICT

-To paint a picture using ICT

-To create a picture using drawing tools

-To create music using ICT

-To create an audio recording

-To edit a digital photograph

-To create an animated GIF

-To create a stop motion animation

-To produce a multimedia video

-To create a multimedia e-book

-To create an interactive activity

-To create an on-screen presentation

-To create a website

-To handle data

-To create a spreadsheet